What I listened to the Most This Week (June 28- July 2)

It was a rough week, time-wise, but here’s the list.

This is pretty good, chillout music that’s got Beatles-esqu vocals and cool psychedelic passages. It gets a little repetitive in a few spots, but enjoyable on the whole. They were cool when I saw them with MGMT.

Yes, an oldy, but hey, it was one of those weeks. This one is always on my ipod.

This new LP grows on me every time I listen to it. Lyrically, the range is quite wide, going from metaphorical uses of the mark of the devil to ruminating on losing “that feeling.” And the music makes me go YEAH! Listen to it with the volume cranked.

Ahhh. Summer doom. Ufomammut are one of my favorites; however, this album took me a solid four listens before I could really settle on it. I knew it was heavy from the first listen, but I didn’t realize that they had built on the psychedelic heaviness of Idolum. Be patient with this one; it’s worth it.
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