Reverend Bizarre – Magick With Tears…Why?

Looks like I missed this release; although, I don’t blame myself much considering it’s a compilation, and I already own “Slice of Doom: 1999-2002,” so I wasn’t looking for a rarities or comp album from them, especially because they have been broken up for some time now, so the thing I don’t understand about this release is why does it exist at all. It had better have some extended cuts.

It contains old(er) versions of the following songs previously released on 2002’s “In the Rectory of the Bizarre Wizard”:
1. Burn in Hell
2. The Hour of Death
3. Sodoma Sunrise
4. Cirith Ungol

At this point this album is a vinyl-only EP, which would probably speak to the more hardcore RB fans, which is just fine with me. I am curious to listen to it to see if any of the new (er old) versions of these songs provide any new materials or hooks to the previously released versions. We’ll see…

Reverend Bizarre - Magick With Tears

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