Repost: “OPINION: Why Photoshop is Ruining Landscape Photography”

This is pretty wild:

OPINION: Why Photoshop is Ruining Landscape Photography

by Darren Rowse

This opinion piece was contributed by Declan O’Neill from

The winner of one of Britain’s most prestigious photographic competitions was stripped of his title recently because of excessive use of Photoshop. David Byrne was the winner of the Landscape Photographer of The Year award and a £10,000 ($16000) prize but has now had his title and prize money taken away in a surprise move by the organisers of the competition which is supported by Epson, The Sunday Times Magazine and The National Theatre.

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The dramatic reversal came about after other photographers pointed out that the image had been photoshoped to include clouds not in the original image. Other photographers pointed to the impossibility of the sun casting shadows in different directions.

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