Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter Infiltrating Metal Music?

I thought I would comment very briefly on this post I just saw. I find it interesting that this metal sub-genre even exists. I have listened to many industrial acts that push towards the sci-fi esq quite a bit. The first bands that come to mind are SpineShank and Mnemic, only because of their sound, not their subject matter. But then I see bands such as “Harry and the Potters,” and “Voldemort” which, according to, are categorized under Indie Rock and Black Metal respectively. Hmmm. So, I’m not sure if this festival will be extreme music’s answer to a Star Trek or Star Wars convention, or if it will be the birth of a new genre of music. Whatever.

Sci-Fi Metal Fest 2008 Announced

posted Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 12:08:50 PM by deathbringer.

The first annual Sci-Fi Metal Fest has been announced for this Memorial Day weekend in Hollywood, CA. The fesitval will feature a sci-fi theme and is expected to draw crowds up to 50,000, many dressed in costume of their favorite sci-fi characters. The festival will feature three stages of appropriately sci-fi and fantasy (a subgenre of sci-fi) themed bands.

The first stage, dubbed the Harry Potter Stage, will feature performances by Voldemort, Harry and the Potters, and The Cruciatus Curse. A more recent phenomenon, there are expected to be more Harry Potter-inspired bands in future editions of the festival.

On the Star Wars Stage, extreme metal beasts Vader, Zuckass, and Dagoba will perform, with special guests Jedi Mind Tricks and Anchorhead as well. Blackened death-thrash metal band Skeletonwitch has also been approached to open the Star Wars stage since announcing their upcoming Star Wars concept album.

The Lord Of The Rings Stage will, of course, be the main stage (one stage to rule them all). Headlining the stage will be none other than Blind Guardian, who are well known for their Tolkien-inspired songs. In direct support will be Battlelore and Cruachan. Sci-fi fans will also witness the likes of Aglarond (Mexico), Akallabêth (Sweden), Amon Amarth (Sweden), Almáriel (Russia), Amon Din (Serbia), Anarion (Australia), Arda (Austria), Avatar (Belgium), Azaghal (Finland), Azrael (Spain), Bal-Sagoth, Cirith Gorgor (Netherlands), Cirith Ungol (US), Dol Amroth (Greece), Gandalf, Izengard (India), Fangorn (Germany), Lórien, Mithril (Dominican Republic), Moria, Morgul, Sauron, and Shadowfax. Special guests Burzum will reprise their former name of Uruk-Hai to perform as well.

Gorgoroth were approached to co-headline the Lord of the Rings stage, but were not expected to be allowed into the country.

More details including ticketing information, venue, final lineup along with set times is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

On a side note, Trekkies were polled and revealed that they did not like metal music, but rather gravitate toward pop music or – in a large minority – porn music that they could imagine Captain Kirk “doing” his many mistresses to.

Ha, April fools.

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    yeah, what is this world coming to?

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