Sam Dunn’s Global Metal

Okay, so Sam Dunn’s (director of “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey”) Canadian accent is pretty quaint and all (can you say aboot?), but his documentary isn’t so much. He has released another metal documentary that focuses on how and why metal music has become more pervasive in countries other than English-speaking ones. He explores Brazil, Japan, China, Indonesia, India, Israel and the United Arab Emirates to analyzing how metal has become a legitimate force in societies facing greater social repression and change than what’s occurring in the anglophone world. He shows how the underground culture of metal can flourish in spite of governmental and ideological and religious repression; this point is made especially true in South Asia and the Middle East.

Once again, Dunn provides a broad stroke over a topic that has been relevant since metal’s rise.

The trailer:

First part:

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