What I listened to the Most This Week (May 31- June 4)

It’s been a great week. Let’s see if this notion was reflected in my music.

Ray LaMontagne has been a guilty obsession for me for the past few months. I have especially liked the roughness of his “One Lonesome Saddle” sessions, but his newer stuff is absolutely amazing. His song “Empty” slays me.
I might be losing cred for posting this one, but I did listen to it this week, and I must say, I enjoyed.
These guys are the kings of post-rock subtltey. With their newest self-titled release, they move into spheres of more conservative, yet lush textures and soundscapes. This is one of my favorite LPs to read and write to these days.
All I can say, is I want a new album from these doomers, soon!

Tarantella – Esquelitos

Not sure how I feel about this new group yet, but they are somewhat interesting. Hailing from Colorado, they mix country with a kind of Spanish, gypsy sound.

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