What I listened to the Most This Week (May 3-7)

I figured I’d start a new “section” to the blog and include videos/clips for the music that I’ve listened to the most throughout the week.

The National – High Violet
The National have been a favorite of mine for years, and their newest “High Violet” does not disappoint. I especially like “Afraid of Everyone.”

The Black Keys – Brothers
I included this song in a post a few days ago, but I am afraid I have to post it again, it’s just so good. The Black Keys newest album “Brothers” is absolutely amazing. A great listen from start to finish.

Rotting Christ – Aealo
Rotting Christ are one of those metal bands that don’t entirely fit into a specific genre, yet they don’t sound messy or cliche either. Here’s the song “…Pir Threontai” off their newest album “Aealo.” It’s got that slow, chugging aesthetic that Rotting Christ has perfected.

Iron Claw – S/T
And here’s an oldie. I just got my hands on the eponymous compilation by Iron Claw. The quality is as raw as their original LP, and it only includes a few extra songs that the ’71 release didn’t. I especially like the solo in this track.

Toundra – Toundra [II]
And last but not least is Toundra, a post-rock outfit I just discovered. They play an epic version that reminds me a bit of Tool or old Isis, just without the vocals. The video below isn’t from their newest album, but the song is great nonetheless.

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