What I listened to the Most This Week (May 17-21)

Most of the reviews I read about this all female blues rock two piece say that they are the Canadien knock-off version of the Black Keys. That’s probably why I happened upon them. Putting their pantomiming aside, they know how to write a killer blues song.

Burning Witch, a band who, if you’re in the know, needs no introduction, resides among one of my all time favorites. No matter how many times I listen to any one of their songs, I still get the most delicious chill up my spine every single time.

I just discovered this great post-rock band. They seem to have an innate ability to travel up and down the scales to most interesting musical effect.

I’ve been pretty disillusioned and bored with the latest doom metal releases, but I stumbled across Wiht, who are like a breath of fresh air as they deliver the requisite old school lick Sabbathian licks, coupled with enough variation, tension, and finally release to keep me interested to the strictly instrumental extended play through its entirety.

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