What I Listened to the Most This Week: January 24-28

Yes, I know, the “what i listened to the most this week” posts have basically dropped off since last October. Well, without excuse, I am announcing they are back. I hope you enjoy.
They’re another garage rock, white stripes/black keys emulator, but hey, I like that stuff.
Sam Beam gambles with an aesthetic departure, taking stylistic leaps and bounds from “Woman King,” “The Creek Drank the Cradle,” and “Our Endless Numbered Days,” while continuing where “The Shepherds Dog” left off. Many people may not like this, but, regardless, the songwriting is as compelling as ever.
Modern avant-garde at it’s best. I didn’t know jazz musicians were still making this stuff. There are a few missteps when they get a little too electronic, but otherwise, this is a supremely enjoyable album to soak up.
Here’s a wonderful slab of sometimes fast, sometimes slow, ultra heavy sludge. They don’t overdo it with the vocals. They’re not monotonous and know how to strike a balance that keeps the LP interesting throughout.
Here’s a fabulously produced and arranged piece of heavy, heavy post-rock-esque instrumental sludge metal music. I come back to this one over and over, and despite not having any vocals, it always elicits an emotional response in me. Beware, the songs are between 9:37 and 13:17 minutes long.
This band initially reminded me of some 60’s British rock send-off, but as I listened to them more, I got them more. Enjoy
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