…to me: "30 haikus for 30-yr olds"

Repost from How to Live.
30 haikus for 30-yr olds
Nosheen Iqbal
Islington. Farmer’s
Market. Travelling fairtrade
organic cocaine
Glastonbury mud
Drugs booze festival spirit
Blands Kate Moss facebook
Dinner party friends
Authentic Vietnamese
Chopsticks culture wine
Functioning for cash
Is no way to ensure you
Will ever matter
But big ching buy you
Smashing tits and iPod to
play Keane’s greatest hits
Warehouse location
Postmodern ironic kitsch
Cunt with facial hair
Disguising raging
whorefest of brain and body
By wearing Converse
keeps you working for bags
Priced like winter coats
Kills communism. Loves Che
Guevara t-shirts
Soul crushed. Brain melt in
.gif. End of everything.
Bongos weed chillax.
To be in work for
cash hungry ad men in jeans
Make small death likely
(Profiteering for
blue blood new media shits
fulfilling self harm)
German not know if
he is hunk or super geek
Girls wish he was Tom
Suburban orgy
Cosmopolitan swinging
BabeStation phone sex
E equals Mimi
Carey squared Boob ass diva:
All relative m8
Britain’s Got Talent
Saturday Night Takeaway
Haha gud 1 lol
Ninety-nine percent
of the general public
Suffer retardation
Deify beauty
Survival of the thickest
Tsunami model
Statement anarchy
Aim subversion politics
End shitting Banksy
Minimalist white
desks aren’t suited to dropping
Vietcong noodles
But style mag
conscious playlists and slogan
t-shirts are SO cool
Guestlist, fuckface, cock
munching penis holder blag
shit weasel spunktard
You’ve got the looks I’ve
got the brain let’s make lots of
classic synth pop
Genius of our
Time? Object of ridicule?
Morrissey loves blacks
When the machines take
over please kill the stupid
And the inane first
Angry young Muslim
In sprawling metropolis
Gym kit rucksack bomb
French electro geek
Detroit techno boggle face
Shoegaze indie fringe
Robot Cyborg bleep
Y2k android machines
Daft Punk club bangers
If art will save us
From life’s degrading horrors
Keep New Order looped
Nosheen Iqbal is a Contributing Editor on Guardian Culture. These 30 haikus were first published here.


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