Review: The Black Key’s "Attack & Release"

Here’s my thirty second review.

The Black Key’s new album :Attack & Release” is good, lyrically speaking. The first track “All you ever wanted” kicks off with a story about the speaker trying to love–and encouraging love from–a prostitute. On another song, “Lies,” they wax on the loss of love and how the speaker has “got a stone where [his] heart should” be, and on “So he won’t break” we get a tender view of the aftermath of broken hearts and lost love, along with the “fix,” (no silly pun intended) which includes “remedies and pills/To ease their ills.”

But on the crusty blues guitar side, the side of the Black Keys that most fans love and attached themselves to, most would want a bit more. I still give it a high rating for the lyrical part though.
The Black Keys - Attack & Release

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