Researching Documentary Wedding Photography

A friend of mine planted the seed in my head to start pursuing a specific type of wedding photography: documentary. I’m not much for the posed, studio-esque, and old fashioned  wedding photography styles, and when I’ve gone on such assignments I’ve felt a bit uninspired and stilted. However, shooting in documentary style intrigues my interest and seems a bit more creative and memorable.

Here are some examples I’ve found that inpsire me.

This is a fairly conventional wedding style, but still this photographer has some flourishes of inspiration.

Now this is what I’m talking about. This guy uses a very unique composition and perspective to capture much more than your typical senior picture taking wedding photog.

This photographer uses light well to capture a unique and compelling ambiance. Instead of showing just the public aspects of the wedding, this talented photographer captures the emotions that make up the backstage goings-ons too. I like it.

Although a bit on the conventional side, Rosemary Lion does a fine job of catching  joyous wedding moments without being too stolid.

Andrew Billington has a way of using lighting to enhance the mood and add drama to his photos, and, again, he doesn’t take your normal boring posed photos.

And I need to take note of his pricing plan. He provides a number of interesting photo packages.


And on a side note, please never put music on your website to play automatically. It’s annoying!

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