In this album Tom Morello takes a new avenue in his musical career, focusing more on the message than the explosive guitar work or pure arena rock capability he usually displays. In many respects this album makes me think of folk/socialist singer/advocate, Joe Hill. Because Tom is taking such a different approach to his activism than in years past, his new offering gives me a bit more hope for free speech in general as he takes some fairly sharp jabs at the powers that be, especially when one contrasts the our current social clime and the pervasiveness of watered down record-sellers who try to pass their wares as revolutionary or subversive.

However, it seems that many people will be disappointed with this album because it doesn’t have the guitar pyrotechnics that most would associate with what Tom Morello usually blasts out, but those who think this are missing the point. Music, and I think it’s safe to speak for Tom here, is a venue to elicit and channel the voices of the people, not just to fill stadiums. Selling records and tickets is not Tom’s point on this record. All that said, I enjoy this album. Tom has a wonderfully strong voice, his guitar work fits the material perfectly (as a backing voice to his own vocal work, not a whammy-heavy explosion), and the material itself shines the strongest. ” They called the cops / Found a noose in my garage / Now how ’bout that / So tonight I’m in the bushes / With a baseball bat”. I don’t understand how anyone could let this line go by, especially when one considers the present deterioration of our basic constitutional rights and how they are being infringed upon without much of a noise from we the people…

Keep it up Tom. Thanks from all those who love freedom.

The Nightwatchman - One Man Revolution

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