Music Listens for February 6-10

My nose has been in a computer screen for the past two weeks, so I missed my post last week. It’s been a varied week, too.

Here goes:

Om – Conference of the Birds.
Yes, I know, a super oldie, but for some reason these guys help me think.

Memphis Slim – Beer Drinkin’ Woman
He’s got an awesome, slow blues vibe going.

Groundhogs – Blues Obituary
A seldom heard British revival blues band you don’t hear much. I’ve been spinning these guys a lot lately and enjoying them!

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues
I seem to have a blues theme going here, yet Fleet Foxes don’t really seem bluesy to me. Anyway, they’ve released yet another amazing album, as you probably already know.

Raphel Saadiqm – Stone Rollin’
I’m not sold on this guy so much. The record’s a bit uneven, but interesting at time. You can’t beat good man. It’s got a 50’s sound with 90’s subject matter, and you can’t beat the video.

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