Music Listens for December 12-16

Yes, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve compiled a list of music I’ve been listening to. I’d been busy grading lots of papers, finishing up the quarter, and working on a new article for Reconstruction.

Without further ado, here’s my list. (I’m debating whether to put together a 2011 best of list; I probably will.)

M83 – Hurry Up. We’re Dreaming
I had procured this album a few months ago and discarded it without much thought, then a friend suggested I try them again. There’s quite a bit of filler, but the gems are just that: gems.

Liturgy – Aesthethica
It’s like black metal, add a dash of math metal, then sprinkle a little garage band wankery in there to keep things fresh and interesting. When they’re on, they slay, but there may be too many filler songs on this album.

Nicolas Jaar – Space is Only Noise
This microhouse, minimalist techno, whatever you want to call it, album is a welcome, groovy, heavy, and interesting LP. Nicolas expands the James Blake form by adding samples and providing a bit more sound spectrum without losing the intimate aspect. This is some heavy, heavy mellow music.

Charles Bradley – No Time for Dreaming
Yes sir. This sweet soul album was released this year, by the way.

Vektor – Outer Isolation
And, of course, I shall save the best for last. I only procured this album yesterday, so I haven’t had a chance to really soak it up, but what I have heard slays.

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