Isis: “In the Absence of Truth”; Just Hasn’t Warmed up to Me Yet

How is this Isis’ best album yet? I have heard some people compare this band to Tool, which to me doesn’t make much sense, and in some ways is an insult to Isis’ past albums. Their past albums are not rotund opus, full of perve-out, self-congratulatory blather. With that in mind, this album may be exactly like Tool’s latest, just a boring melange of watered down boringness. I listened to this a couple times, but NOTHING stood out to me. I could find nothing comparable to the likes of Celestial, Mosquito Control, or SGNL 5, and instead found a more boring version of Panoptican. If you thought Panopticon was a little too exciting, then this is your album. Have fun.

Isis - In the Absence of Truth

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