Complete "Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey"

I’ve only seen parts of this film until I realized I could get it on youtube.

Basically this 2006 film is the work of Anthropologist Adam Dunn, who wishes to understand why metal is dismissed as inartistic, and seen as stereotypically dumb, while its adherents stubbornly purvey its continually changing qualities.

Dunn explores some of metal’s most poignant and contemporaneously present issues: sexuality, religion, society. He even finds issues within the metal community that he can’t defend.

My only real gripe with the documentary/analysis is that Dunn never really goes much deeper than providing assessments of popular metal as it relates to society. He gets confounded when he encounters black metal and its inherent cultural and religious forces. I think any one section or topic he talks about, whether it be fans, religious issues, sexuality, or metal’s anti establishment goal’s, could be delved into more deeply. This series is a good introduction to metal.


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